Supplementary Material for Self-Supervised Post-Correction for Monte Carlo Denoising

Jonghee Back1, Binh-Son Hua2, Toshiya Hachisuka3, and Bochang Moon1

1 GIST, South Korea, 2 VinAI Research, Vietnam, 3 University of Waterloo, Canada


This supplementary material illustrates equal-time comparisons between recent Monte Carlo (MC) image denoising methods and their corrected results using our method.

We test three denoising methods as our correlated images: KPCN [Bako et al. 2017], AMCD [Xu et al. 2019] and AFGSA [Yu et al. 2021].

We also compare deep combiner (DC) [Back et al. 2020] using retrained models with the results corrected by our approach given a same running time.

In the tables, we provide the total running time, samples per pixel (spp) and numerical accuracy (relative L2 [Rousselle et al. 2011] with small value 1e-2) for each result.

Equal-Time Comparisons between MC Image Denoising Methods and Our Post-Correction








Equal-Time Comparisons between DC and Our Post-Correction






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We'd like to thank nacimus (Bathroom), Cem Yuksel (Hair), Christian Schüller (Dragon), Guillermo M. Leal Llaguno (Sanmiguel), julioras3d (Chopper-titan), bluewhalestudios (Hotel), Jan-Walter Schliep, Burak Kahraman and Timm Dapper (Landscape) for providing the following test scenes and Joey Litalien, Jan Novák and Benedikt Bitterli for the interactive viewer.